Education Through Adventure, offers youth 9-17 years of age an exciting summer program of trips and activities. It is designed to meet the participant's developmental needs, allowing for independence within a supervised environment. Participants will, explore while developing leadership and teambuilding skills. Participants are grouped by age and the staff consists of a program director and mature, experienced counselors.

Each week campers will travel daily to various points of interest in the back country. We will explore the most adventurous sites in our area. New trails, new mines, new caves, new swimming areas, new boats, the best fishing hole, new climbing sites, the best skate parks the best sports field. We have the best rain plans in the world, movies, laser tag, skating and so much more!

Our programs strive to expand personal boundaries through activities such as challenge course, hiking, orienteering and paddling. We challenge participants to work as a cohesive group and promote positive community living.
We use wilderness therapy and outdoor education, incorporating the healing and restorative powers of nature into programs designed to help troubled adolescents overcome personal challenges, regain control over their lives, and put themselves back on the path to health and happiness.
Education Through Adventure is an organization dedicated to working with youth, families and communities who are striving to deepen their relationships with each other and learn how to communicate more authentically in order to achieve genuine, productive and healthy contact between members.